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New Mexico State University


Shopcart, also known as Departmental Web Credit Card System (DWCC) provides a centralized service for New Mexico State University departmental web sites to accept credit card payments or donations in a secure manner. Departments holding symposiums, conferences, or wanting to sell informational products such as books, CD’s, or videos can utilize Shopcart by creating an online store. This system provides a total package solution which includes a store-front to display products, a shopping cart, and checkout services. For those wanting a more custom and integrated solution, departments can use their own store-front website and connect to the system’s checkout services.


Secure Shopping

Shopcart provides secure shopping by using CashNet as a financial transaction broker. All credit card numbers are securely acquired and processed by CashNet.

Integration with Banner

An automated movement of funds from CashNet to Banner distributes to the correct departments creating less paper work and manual processing. Online reports allow departments to reconcile their accounts on Banner with ease.

Shopcart Basic Users (Provided Store-Front)

  • Customized Products
  • Add/Edit/Delete
  • Create Categories
  • Set the Promotion level
  • Add a photo
  • Customized shop messages
  • Easy to use Photo Manager
  • User-friendly site navigation
  • Shopcart Advanced Users (API Web Service)
  • Returned information about:
  • Shop
  • Products
  • Orders
  • Order detail
  • Create an order
  • Checkout

Shopcart Fulfillment

  • Ability to view, fulfill and delete orders
  • View incomplete orders
  • Download CSV report of orders
  • Reconciliation report between orders and Banner